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Global & Local Partnerships

TriPoint understands the importance of forging strong 3rd party partnerships to ensure the successful delivery of projects worldwide. These partnerships, both international and local, span across various fields such as science, manufacturing, and management, enabling TriPoint to leverage expertise and resources tailored to the specific needs of each project.


In terms of international partnerships, TriPoint collaborates with renowned scientific institutions, research organizations, and universities around the world. These partnerships provide access to cutting-edge scientific knowledge, innovative technologies, and research capabilities. By working with leading scientific entities, TriPoint can stay at the forefront of environmental science advancements and develop solutions that are backed by rigorous scientific research. This enables them to address complex environmental challenges efficiently and effectively.


Local partnerships play a crucial role in TriPoint's project delivery strategy. Recognizing the importance of understanding and respecting local contexts, TriPoint actively seeks partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and communities. These partnerships provide valuable insights into local ecosystems, cultural practices, and regulatory frameworks. Additionally, local partnerships facilitate access to local labor, materials, and infrastructure, ensuring that projects are executed in a manner that aligns with the community's needs and fosters economic development.


TriPoint's microbial science expertise necessitates local manufacturing to ensure the availability and quality of ingenious microbes used in their solutions. To achieve this, the company establishes partnerships with local manufacturing facilities. These partnerships enable them to produce and distribute microbial products efficiently, meeting the demand of their projects while supporting local economies.


As part of their commitment to local engagement and capacity building, TriPoint ensures that at least 90% of the project team comprises local nationals. These team members are trained in advanced science and project management disciplines, enabling them to contribute their expertise and local knowledge to the project. By investing in local talent, TriPoint fosters skills development, job creation, and knowledge transfer, leaving a lasting positive impact on the communities they work with.


In summary, TriPoint's 3rd party partnerships are a cornerstone of their successful project delivery worldwide. Through collaborations with international and local partners in science, manufacturing, and management, TriPoint harnesses specialized expertise and resources tailored to each project's unique requirements. These partnerships allow them to leverage cutting-edge scientific knowledge, access local manufacturing capabilities, and tap into the insights and skills of local communities. By building strong alliances, TriPoint ensures that their projects are grounded in scientific rigor, respect local contexts, and create sustainable benefits for the communities they serve.

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