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TriPoint's team understands the biological complexities of soil, and in particular the critical role that soil microorganisms play in maintaining healthy, highly productive croplands, pastures, and forests.  We know that damaged, depleted, diseased or otherwise low-productivity soils can be completely revived and rejuvenated through the judicious reintroduction soil food web microorganisms. In fact, through our research, experience and prescriptive methodology, we  have proven that this can be accomplished within a single growth cycle, even after years of soil degradation caused by the use of synthetics, drought, erosion, or simple neglect.


Through TriPoint’s Prescriptive Approach, agricultural diseases and infestations once considered uncontrollable have been successfully suppressed and contained – recovering the agricultural land from the brink of total loss due to lack of disease resistance. Even chemically-damaged agricultural land abandoned for years can be reclaimed and made fully productive in a matter of months. With a healthy social food web in place, synthetic biocides and other amendments are no longer needed to suppress diseases and infestations, at the expense of the damage they cause to the soil environment and the farm workers exposed to them.

Using TriPoint’s prescriptive methodology and processes, productivity reaches levels previously unattainable with synthetic amendments- providing substantial positive impacts to economic, social and environmental factors of your operations. Feel free to read below to learn more about previous successes from TriPoint’s Science Team.

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