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Agriculture Attracts Global Food Supply Chain Expert

Javier Gonzalez adds expertise from almost 20 years in leading food and agriculture companies.

Portland, Oregon (US) , October 27, 2020 – After nearly two decades helping leading food companies such as Dole and NatureSweet innovate in global supply chain management we are pleased to announce that Javier Gonzalez has joined the leadership team at TriPoint™ Agriculture ( as Senior Director of Business Operations -North and South America.

As part of his roles with Dole and NatureSweet, Javier collaborated with stakeholders and suppliers around the world to streamline operations by vertically integrating to minimize costs while optimizing quality and customer focus. Javier’s experience and skills will help TriPoint more efficiently manage supply chains and partners as it continues its path of global growth and operational deployments across multiple regions.

“The current depleted state of today’s farming soil is quickly elevating interest in the productivity gains and improved crop quality achieved by TriPoint’s advanced soil regeneration science and processes. As our operations continue to expand globally due to demand, Javier’s experience enables us to manage this growth in an efficient and systematic manner – ensuring positive customer outcomes throughout the Americas.” states John Hedlund, TriPoint Agriculture’s Managing Director.

For Javier, what attracted him to pursue the opportunity with TriPoint Agriculture was multi-faceted and appealed on much more than just a professional level.

“This opportunity with TriPoint presents a very important opportunity for me,” says Javier Gonzalez, TriPoint’s new Senior Director of North and South America. “On a professional level, it lets me leverage my talents and skills to benefit the company. But, even more importantly, TriPoint’s focus is naturally regenerating soil to enhance productivity and the nutritional quality of crops grown commercially – so I’m actively helping farmers produce more abundant and healthier food for people around the world. This is what’s most meaningful to me.”

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