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With over 35 years of experience - covering more than five million acres across 6 continents, the TriPoint science team has a proven record of rehabilitating and improving growth capabilities of agricultural and livestock environments.
TriPoint’s scientific team has successfully managed projects covering virtually every region, geography, climate zone, growth media,  product type and animal food product.

Our solutions are rooted in our deep understanding of soil and water science, microbiology, conventional and sustainable agricultural methods as well as the latest research in plant/soil/microbe interactions. 


Our science team has rehabilitated conventional agricultural and  aquaculture farms to sustainable environments across 6 continents. From Australia to the Ukraine and almost everywhere in between, our science team has worked with agricultural producers to improve productivity through improved soil or aquatic ecosystem health, leading to higher  crop yields, increased livestock or seafood production, and lower disease rates. 



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Our science team has been in the field (figuratively and literally) for over 35 years, in locations around the world. During that time, they have obtained a deeper scientific understanding of the soil ecosystem and its support of the planet's food web, and the pace of discovery is accelerating. 



We start with time-tested, scientifically validated methodologies to evaluate the client's sites, objectives and approaches that have demonstrated results. Our process is guided by a deep understanding of soil science and microbiology, conventional and sustainable agriculture methods, and the latest research in plant/soil/microbe interactions. With deep knowledge of both current and best practices and the latest scientific findings, we can provide tailored products and solutions that go far beyond even the most advanced "off-the-shelf" products - resulting in increased yields, reduced costs and a healthier environment. 



Our science team has established a training program with a curriculum comprised of lecture and lab courses, examinations, and certification requirements. We have established materials and processes to train workers, project managers, and others who must take an active role in implementing TriPoint plans, performing monitoring, and ensuring on-going compliance. 



Having worked on projects across 6 continents over a 35-year span, our experts have covered a lot of ground-literally. Tripoint's scientists have directly managed projects covering more than 5 million acres, providing extensive experience in virtually every geography, climate zone, soil type, crop type, and animal food product. Tripoint's solutions improve soil structure and health, sequester atmospheric carbon, reduce chemical inputs (fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide), reduce operating costs and enhance plant vigor and crop yield.

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